Selfie Stations


Mobile Photos

Since just about everyone has a cellphone with a camera anyway, why not capitalize by enhancing those cameras and the potential memories! We know photo booths are a great way to capture memories, but this is a twist! Unlike a photo booth, Selfies Stations can add a bit of mobility. A Party's Favorite Entertainment offers options to transform those snapshots into a work of art.  

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Custom backdrops add a unique aspect to your event. Choose from the backdrops we have or let us help you create a custom backdrop. Match our backdrops to your event and allow your guests to transform the moment. Give your party the touch it needs with what all the Selfie Stations have to offer. Complete the look and celebrate the occasion. 

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Photo Props

Celebrating a particular occasion? Wedding? Birthday party? Graduation? Corporate event? We have props to accent the occasion. Party hats, handheld props, unique frames, and help with filters and lenses, Selfie Stations bring the party to life. Need help with the Selfies? Selfie sticks and tripods are available to keep your guests interacting and capturing the moment from all angles. 

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