A Party's Favorite DJ


Tyrone/DJ T Wiz

Tyrone is the founder of A Party's Favorite Entertainment. The name T Wiz comes from a nickname from an older brother, who shares the same musical interests. A full time DJ, Tyrone has been proving DJ services for parties since 2011. Tyrone brings a charismatic, high-energy performance to the party. Aiming to provide entertainment for everyone in attendance, Tyrone engages the crowd and always keeps an open mind. Tyrone has been earning a reputation as a leading professional. With high quality equipment and musical tastes ranging throughout all genres, Tyrone is definitely A Party's Favorite DJ!

A Party's Favorite Associates


Chris/DJ G-Wiz

Chris has been on the party scene for few years now and brings experience and versatility to the team! Better known as DJ G-Wiz, Chris has been a part of weddings, nightclubs, college parties, concerts, and more. First beginning to DJ in 2013, Chris has been finding way to improve on his talents. Chris bring skills necessary to read the crowd and pack the dance floor. Bringing unique and smooth transitions, DJ G-Wiz can really control take over the party. From Hip Hop to Dance, Pop and everything in between, DJ G-Wiz has something for everyone. DJ G-Wiz is ready  to get your party jumping! 


Aaron/DJ Cupp

Aaron brings fun and a smile to the party. Aaron has experience as a musician and now has transitioned to the role of DJ. Knowledgeable in different genres of music, Aaron knows how to manage the party. With a background in customer service, Aaron is always looking to keep everyone happy. Add in a love for music and you have one professional, guest-oriented experience! Professionally trained with A Party's Favorite DJ, Aaron is mastering new ways to bring the party to life. DJ Cupp keeps your guests busy on the dance floor. Your party will love it!